History – The Cedars School

In the late 1960’s, the Lord spoke to Mrs Betty Gross, then Mrs Harris. He said clearly, “I want a Christ-centred, Biblically based school in Rochester.” He spoke through many scriptures of the responsibility given to Christian parents to bring up their children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord (Ephesians 6:4).

In 1969, after the exercise of much faith and patience, the Lord graciously gave the finance to buy the first of the buildings in which the school was housed. Three years later another house nearby was given and, in 1980, five buildings opposite the first one were put up for auction together. Nine years before this the Holy Spirit had made it clear that these former council offices would be added to the school. He spoke to the late Arthur Harris (Betty’s first husband) the night before the auction and said, ‘You are to buy the buildings whatever the cost.’ A gift came through the letter box that same evening which made up the 10% deposit needed immediately for the £211,000 for which the buildings were sold the next day, and for which God marvellously provided over the next three exciting months.

Later, buildings which were no longer required were sold and the school was brought together on one site. Money from the sales enabled work on other buildings including the house which accommodates staff members who live in community.

The greatest priority in the children’s education was for them to be given the opportunity to know the Lord. Each day began with prayer, praise and a feeding on God’s Word. From these times, as indeed through all that was taught and ‘caught’ at school, the children were given a clear framework of morals by which to order their lives. A varied curriculum was followed including the use of Montessori materials in the lower school and work towards GSCE examinations in the senior school. They also learned about other religions within the context of the Word of God and prayer.

The school closed in 2015 as a number of factors including the need for more staff and changing requirements for teaching up to GCSE combined to make it clear that it was time to work in a different way: Christian Education for all ages.

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